Friday, September 16, 2011


Welcome to the blog page for Tinderbox of Tomorrows, a book to be published for the benefit of the Central Texas wildfires.

In the summer of 2011, conditions were right and a "perfect storm" scenario was created for wildfires to spread across Central Texas and beyond. By the time the end of the summer was upon us, some 1500+ homes were razed, leaving many families in Central Texas and beyond homeless. The firefighters of Texas were stretched to their limits, defending ground across several major fires and attempting to save lives and homes in the wake of the fires. Several deaths were reported and many firefighters were injured, risking their lives to save people, property, and livestock across Texas.

The idea for a book was tossed around by several artists in the Austin area. Photographer and exhibiting artist Carol Schiraldi decided to take action to bring the book to life. The book, to be called "Tinderbox of Tomorrows" will consist of 2D artwork and photography donated by artists responding to a call for entries. There will be no fees associated with the call for entries and all artists will retain copyright of their work-the artists will simply donate publications rights and allow their artwork to be reproduced in the "Tinderbox of Tomorrows" publication. The book will be produced and sold through "Blurb for Good" a fund raising platform available from Look for the book in the Blurb for Good Bookstore (coming soon!) and a call for entires to be released soon as well.

We hope you'll consider helping out, either by submitting artwork for the book, by helping distribute the book, by spreading the word about the book, or by purchasing the end result, the finished book in the Blurb for Good bookstore. Until then, please stay tuned, as we will post updates on the progress of the book here from time-to-time.

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